An expert ensures that the cause of Alzheimer’s disease will be discovered "in brief" because the advances are "many more"

VALENCIA (EUROPA PRESS) dr. Frederick Pallard’, one of the coordinators of the Days around ‘The &number;last advances in the disease of Alzheimer’ that today and ma&bath;ana celebrates the Foundation’n Valencia Advanced Studies (FVEA) ensuring’ today "in brief, quizás pr’ximos a&bath;os, is sabrá cuál is the cause of this disease, as advances in the etiolog’disease are becoming more numerous".

With a seating capacity of about 200 people, in your largestíto students, the specialist’abord’ origin of this disease, and it underlines’ that "it is now known that Alzheimer’s disease has an inflammatory component very important of the brain tissue, and that is one of the causes of death of neurons". S&number;n confirm’ the doctor, "this leads to the estrés oxidative that contributes to the deterioration". Among the advances that have studied during this first day alsoén highlights the new pairámeters that can predict the disease early, s&number;n Pallard’ "the earlier we can diagnose better, and así to discriminate this disease from other forms of dementia". These torqueámeters already están using in países as Italy or the united States and not in Espa&bath;to, where it is expected that, in brief, are put in place, he said’. During the whole ma&bath;ana took part in the forum of professionals of recognized solvency in the study of this disease, as dr. Adriana Maggi, a guest of the Department of Science Farmacol’change of the Center of Excellence in degenerative Diseases of Milán (Italy) or the catedrático de Fisiología of the University of Valencia, José Vi&bath;, además of Juan Alvarez-Linera, head of Section’n Neuroradiolog’to the Hospital Ruber of Madrid. Además, ma&bath;ana Tuesday, está scheduled to continue talking in the &number;last ensayos clínicos put in place and treatments más recent, by dr. Paul Martínez, of the National Centre of Epidemiolog’to the Institute of Health Carlos III of Madrid; dr. Molinuevo of the Clinic of Barcelona; professor Jes&number;s Avila, Center for BiologíMolecular Severo Ochoa, Madrid; and the Prize King Jaime I of Medicine Clínica in 2000, Just Garcíébenes, who intervendrá with the exhibit’re on the &number;last factors, risk modifiers and the elements that can modify the course of Alzheimer’s disease. Pallard’ specified’ that "ma&bath;ana I will talká risk factors and factors of epigenética, that is to say, the regulation’n of genes by factors not geneéticos, as the power’n, háhabits of conduct, or the higher intellectual activity".

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