Home Training Consume That Lose Weight

One of the ways, and the most popular choices for exercise is with the home training. Generally, this option is used for convenience and sometimes the lack of time makes it preferable to be in the house doing physical activities.

Option 1: you can set up a gym at home, if you have resources and enough space, ideally get advice from a specialist in the area, who recommends which appliances to choose, the most practical, most appropriate and above all This is to prevent injury if it is installed and used incorrectly.

Option 2: Perform a routine of exercises, such as aerobics, ballet intensive, exercises for toning muscles, reducing movements to one belly flattened, cardio (jump …), workouts, cardio, exercises, martial arts, dance, walk (it is a good choice if you have a yard or ample space) Yoga, Pilates, push-ups, stretching (legs), Tai Chi. In short, there are several options that can be chosen to start training at home, which will help to maintain an optimum state of health.

it is Recommended a combination of exercises, movements, toning and shrunken abdomen, followed by cardio (five days per week), strength work three days a week (not consecutive, but alternating), designing a workout intervals.

Suggestion how to bring, a workout in the home effective during the week:


  • Day 1: strength exercises (routine)
  • the

  • Day 2: exercises cardio 30 to 45 minutes
  • the

  • Day 3: rest
  • the

  • Day 4: exercises for strength and cardio
  • the

  • Day 5: exercises cardio (routine range)
  • the

  • Day 6: strength training and cardio
  • the

  • Day 7: exercises cardio

strength training:

We recommend to those who are to tone up the abdomen, these are abdominal, lizards, balance and play with the ball, among others. There are routines already designed very effectively and, especially, the practices with which you can perform each exercise with ease and will only take 15 to 20 minutes, in addition to being a time much used, will benefit the body. You can choose the exercises that most want to, and in accordance with the physical condition that you have, if you are a beginner, it is recommended that you start with the most simple, intensify and increase progressively. It is advisable to shut down this routine with stretching exercises to improve posture and reduce the risk of injury.

Exercises for cardio (conditioning)

it Is advisable to include cardiovascular workouts (minimum 30 minutes) in a workout at home, you can choose activities such as brisk walks, swimming (if you have a pool at home, this option is ideal) to play tennis or the most practical choice to exercise under the DVD tab, etc. One of the exercises more practical to perform at home is to skip the rope, starting with five minutes, and climbing gradually.

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